Zerobank Design Factory will offer a fully cloud banking system

By Leandra Monteiro


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Zerobank Design Factory Co., Ltd. (ZDF), a subsidiary of Fukuoka Financial Group, announced that it will start offering a fully cloud-based banking system. The system is based on the basic system developed by ZDF and Accenture for Minna Bank.

ZDF will provide this system to domestic and foreign financial institutions, as well as non-financial companies seeking to introduce new banking services. By promoting digital transformation in the global financial industry, Zerobank Design Factory aims to achieve its mission of “providing valuable connections to everyone”.

The system will allow businesses to quickly build banking systems from scratch on the cloud, enabling them to rapidly scale financial services optimized for each customer. All services can be completed on a smartphone through an intuitive user interface that makes opening accounts, making deposits, transferring money and applying for loans effortless. Additionally, the system includes an analytics engine that allows the operator to view account processes such as deposits and withdrawals, accrued interest, and fees to better personalize offers for each customer. These innovative digital services and new customer experiences will increase business value.

The system architecture ensures scalability, fault tolerance, and flexibility by using a public cloud. Applications built on top can be flexibly developed through a design that includes loosely coupled microservices and API architecture. For a smooth deployment, there are also related assets for efficient development and operation, including pipelines and asset management. In addition, the BaaS platform, an API integration system compliant with the international FAPI security standard, allows easy integration with API providers and partner companies interested in creating new services.

Kenichi Nagayoshi, Chairman and CEO, ZDF and Minna Bank, said: “Minna Bank, which opened in May 2021 as Japan’s first digital bank, has been extremely popular among the target digital native generation, with 1 million app downloads and 400,000 accounts opened the first time. year. During this time, we have continued to work with Accenture to deepen our knowledge of the systems, functions and designs required by digital banks and to update our technology accordingly. We are convinced that this completely cloud-based system is the solution to many of the challenges faced by companies wishing to enter the banking sector. By sharing our successful experience with customers in a wide range of industries, we hope to contribute to the development of digital banking in Japan and overseas.

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