Two cops become millionaires because of a bank error

Two police officers, including a Sindh Police Inspector, were shocked to learn that millions of rupees had been deposited into their salary accounts. This was due, they later discovered, to a bank error.

Officials said Inspector Amir Anwar Gopang, who is stationed at Investigation, Bahadurabad Police Station, and a Madadgar-15 service officer stationed in Larkana became millionaires overnight.

They said that about 100 million rupees had been transferred to Inspector Gopang’s account and 50 million rupees to Constable Ali Raza’s account.

The two officials checked their accounts again and again and also tried to call their respective banks’ hotline for verification.

Gopang told The News that he usually receives his salary on the last day of the current month or the first day of the following month.

On November 1, his wife residing in Hyderabad informed him that the debit card he provided her was not working. The card didn’t work the next day either.

On November 3, the inspector visited the office of AG Sindh, where he was informed that his salary had been released, and then proceeded to the Accounts Branch of the Karachi Police Bureau, where he received further confirmation that his salary had been deposited into his bank account.

On November 4, when he approached the bank to ask them why he could not access his account, the staff informed him that his account had been blocked due to his CNIC having expired.

However, he checked his CNIC and found that it had not expired, and also showed it to bank staff. He asked them why they didn’t let him know before they blocked his account if there was a problem.

They later reactivated his account but informed him that they had also blocked his debit card for the same reason. After an argument, bank staff accepted their mistake and issued him another debit card the same day.

But when Gopang tried to withdraw his salary, he found 100 million rupees in his account. He immediately returned to the bank and informed them of the situation.

They admitted that a mistake had caused this and asked him to wait.

He waited at the bank until they informed him that his account had been reinstated, after which he checked his balance and found only his salary in the account.

However, he brought the matter to the attention of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), who asked him to appear on Monday (tomorrow) for further proceedings.

Officials said the same situation was seen in the case of Constable Raza, adding that the matter was also resolved on his side.

They said authorities were also notified of his case, after which the matter was being investigated.

Michael J. Birnbaum