TRIMEDX, Leader in Clinical Asset Management, Announces New Cloud-Based Capabilities to Strengthen Medical Device Cybersecurity and Optimize Equipment Utilization

Spring 2022 product release gives healthcare systems tools to help reduce risk and expense

INDIANAPOLIS, March 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TRIMEDXa leading technology provider of clinical engineering, medical device cybersecurity and clinical asset management solutions, announced new capabilities that will help healthcare systems reduce medical device cybersecurity risks, strengthen patient safety and to optimize medical equipment at all sites to care about. (PRNewsfoto/TRIMEDX)

The new repurposing platform and a trio of medical device cybersecurity enhancements further improve how TRIMEDX partners with healthcare providers, who face ongoing financial pressures, increased supply chain and workforce, shifting healthcare delivery to outpatient environments, and heightened cybersecurity risks.

“A healthcare system’s clinical assets make up more than 25% of its capital expenditures,” says TRIMEDX CEO Henry Hummel. “This is a significant financial resource that can be leveraged to help organizations achieve their financial goals without compromising patient care or safety.”

Marketing and Solutions Director LeAnne Hester said, “We are committed to continuous improvements in solutions that provide objective information and recommendations to healthcare leaders across IT, finance and operations that inform decisions across their continuum of care and support the implementation of their strategies. »

The Reallocation Platform is an integrated online system that leverages TRIMEDX’s proprietary RUDR score® to identify assets available for “reallocation” to another site within a health system. After approval from a health system, medical devices with low utilization rates in their current sites are listed on the reassignment platform, where administrators of other sites within the same health system can view, browse and search for the equipment needed in their facility. Executives can compare devices on a multitude of attributes, such as brand, model, manufacturer, age, and reliability, to find the gear that best suits their needs.

“The repurposing platform helps healthcare systems avoid unnecessary capital expenditures associated with purchasing equipment for other care sites that they don’t need system-wide,” says Dave Klumpe, President of Clinical Asset Management at TRIMEDX. “Furthermore, adding more equipment that a system does not need increases operating costs unnecessarily.”

Three new features in TRIMEDX’s Cyber ​​Advanced solution will further enhance the company’s unparalleled approach to medical device cybersecurity. Ransomware attacks alone increased by 123% in 2021, costing more than $21 billion.

  • The dynamic risk score helps identify where to prioritize efforts to address potential vulnerabilities in connected medical devices. The score is updated based on a number of factors, including leveraging TRIMEDX’s proprietary content library of existing cyber vulnerabilities and approved fixes, and degree of risk to patient safety . As work is performed on a device or new information becomes available, the score will change to continually re-evaluate work that needs to be prioritized across the device’s inventory.

  • The Threats and Projects Dashboard, supported by the Dynamic Risk Score, helps TRIMEDX CYBER specialists and their healthcare system clients to collaborate and create projects. Projects can be used to prioritize vulnerabilities where healthcare providers can approve or reject compensating controls or accept the risk of a specific vulnerability.

  • The Cyber ​​Vulnerability Tracker provides a vulnerability profile that highlights key factors to know about a new or existing vulnerability in a healthcare system’s clinical asset inventory. Factors include identification of all equipment associated with the vulnerability, the status of each device, and whether the device is mission critical.

Armed with this information, healthcare systems can better prioritize their risk mitigation and remediation efforts and ensure that the most important threats are addressed quickly.

“Healthcare is more targeted by cyberattacks than any other industry, and as the use of connected medical devices continues to grow exponentially, cybersecurity improvements must keep pace,” says Doug Folson, Chief Technology Officer of TRIMEDX and President of Cybersecurity. “These tools help TRIMEDX and its client healthcare systems identify and address vulnerabilities with increased urgency.”

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TRIMEDX is an industry-leading independent clinical asset management company in the United States, providing comprehensive clinical engineering, clinical asset informatics and medical device cybersecurity services. We help healthcare providers transform their clinical assets into strategic tools, reducing operational expenses, optimizing clinical asset capital expenditures, maximizing resources for patient care and improving safety and protection. . TRIMEDX was designed by vendors, for vendors, and is backed by a history of expert clinical engineering with data on 92% of all active medical device models.

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