The ETF allows the investor to diversify his portfolio without owning an asset

A traded index fund consists of a basket of exchange-traded securities. The main advantage of an ETF is that it allows an investor to diversify their portfolio without owning the asset, such as mutual funds. A person can invest in regulated global crypto ETFs.

For resident and non-resident Indians, there are recognized platforms that allow buying stocks and shares listed overseas. There are also wealth management funds that offer products equivalent to ETFs.

A product equivalent to an ETF consists of a basket of crypto assets, but these products cannot be traded. Generally, ETFs are advantageous for those who do not know which crypto token to buy and in what proportion.

You need to be careful in your decision making as there are several types of ETFs; some invest directly in virtual assets, some in futures, while others focus on stocks of companies that are in blockchain and other crypto-related fields.

Divorce can only be granted by a court in India on specific grounds. One of these grounds is “cruelty”. The Supreme Court has had occasion to address precisely this point. According to the Court, if a woman leaves her husband’s home to be with her parents during pregnancy and stays with her parents afterwards, this would not constitute cruelty. It cannot therefore constitute grounds for divorce. The Court took this decision and held that it is natural for a woman to prefer to stay in her parents’ house during and after pregnancy. Therefore, the husband’s refusal to return to his marital home cannot be characterized as cruelty. In fact, this view of the Supreme Court confirmed the view taken by the High Courts which held that there was no question of any cruelty as a ground for divorce. Therefore, this is well established in law and your daughter cannot be divorced by her husband on the grounds that she continues to stay in your house.

A new system has been implemented, called the electronic bill processing system (e-Bill). This system has been launched and will be implemented in all central ministries and departments. Suppliers and contractors will now be able to submit their complaint online, which will be monitored by the authorities in real time. This will ensure end-to-end digitization and make the payment process seamless. The technology will not only be used within the government ministry but will also be available for use by business people. The new system was designed to prevent harassment of business people and ensure that contractors and suppliers receive their due within a specified time after filing their claims digitally with a digital signature. This would ensure that the funds are credited directly to the contractor’s or supplier’s bank account without delay.

HP Ranina is a practicing lawyer specializing in Indian tax and foreign exchange management laws.

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