m.Stock by Mirae Asset launches ‘Margin Trade Facility (MTF)’ @ 7.99%

m.Stock by Mirae Asset, has announced the launch of a Margin Trade Facility (MTF) option for traders at an interest rate starting at 7.99%* – one of the lowest in industry. baptized ‘eMargin’the facility allows traders and investors access to instant funding to meet their margin requirements while trading stocks.

With this, traders can get 80% of their margin funded and use it to buy stocks at low interest rates ranging from 7.99% to 9.49% with the click of a button. more than 700 stocks. They can even keep the shares for an unlimited period, no additional costs. Additionally, in line with the m.Stock “Future Without Brokerage” philosophy, traders will have the advantage of undertaking an unlimited number of trades without having to spend a single rupee on brokerage.

Speaking about the launch, Mr. Jisang Yoo, Managing Director of Mirae Asset Capital Markets (I) Pvt. Ltd said, At Mirae Asset Group, we remain focused on our commitment to providing innovative financial solutions for clients from all walks of life, capable of meeting their varied financial needs. “eMargin” as a proposal has been specially designed for investors who prefer to trade higher values ​​and volumes. In fact, we have gone further by offering our customers the benefit of an extremely competitive interest rate that will help them expand their investment threshold, without having to worry about their finances. In the future, we will continue to introduce more such services that add value to customers’ overall shopping experience. »

Elaborating further, Mr. Arun Chaudhry, Director and Chief Business Officer, Mirae Asset Capital Markets (I) Pvt. Ltd said, “Lately the markets have been very volatile with a negative bias creating plenty of buying opportunities in fundamentally sound companies. To ensure that our investors never miss out on such lucrative opportunities due to lack of funds, we at m.Stock are very excited to launch MTF (eMargin), which is an exchange-approved funding product. for delivery-based transactions (cash) at an unparalleled rate of interest, the flexibility to hold their wallets at no additional cost, as well as the facilitation of unlimited transactions without having to pay a single brokerage rupee for life. I’m confident we’ve created a solid proposition that puts the “needle of choice” back in the client’s hand and enables them to make informed decisions about their investment journey.

Here are the main features of the “eMargin” feature offered by m.Stock:

· Low interest rates – Clients can undertake MTF transactions at one of the lowest interest rates in the industry.

· Trading at Zero Brokerage – While using MTF, clients continue to pay zero brokerage on all their trades.

· Low cost of pledging – Pledge and de-pledge fees are among the lowest in the industry at ₹12 per script.

· Unlimited holding period – Clients can keep their position open as long as they want because m.Stock does not limit the holding period of their investments.

· Exclusive pre-engagement facility – With a pre-engagement feature offered, clients do not have to worry about timely validation of the engagement request or paying higher interest in case they miss the engagement.

· Improved shopping ability – Clients can purchase up to 80% more than the available fund balance in their trading account.

· Don’t need money – They can also benefit from a margin of up to 20% compared to their existing titles.

· 3-click process – With a fast, intuitive and easy-to-use platform interface, you can use MTF seamlessly with just three clicks to ensure you never miss an investment opportunity.

· No subscription – The activation of the MTF is free and does not require any annual or one-time subscription fees to benefit from the current interest rate.

The ‘eMargin’ functionality is integrated into the m.Stock application which is available for download on Android and iOS platforms. Click on the following link to find out more https://www.mstock.com/margin-trading-facility

Michael J. Birnbaum