Businesses can get charging infrastructure financing from Volkswagen

Volkswagen Bank wants to help companies with the extra cost of installing office charging infrastructure for their fleets. The special offer is aimed at companies that need to equip their buildings with wall boxes, charging stations and equipment. Construction work may also be included. The incentive is part of Volkswagen’s holistic Electrification as a Service project.

Volkswagen’s finance arm aims to speed up the process and reduce the bureaucratic complexity of loans. With a duration and a fixed interest rate of up to 20 years, they can obtain approval without a positive balance sheet from 50,000 to 250,000 euros. Larger loans require an appraisal.

The loan has a wide scope. For example, the agreement may also include existing operating equipment, connection costs, solar panels or buffers. In addition, Volkswagen Bank advises to integrate possible grant financing and takes this into account from the outset when planning individual financing.

“Through our charging infrastructure financing, we are helping our customers stay liquid in the process while setting the necessary course for the future. To that end, we have designed the offering to be as transparent and simple as possible,” said Dr. Michael Reinhart. , Chairman of the Management Board of Volkswagen Bank GmbH.

Electrification as a service

The incentive is an extension of the Electrification as a Service (EaaS) program that Volkswagen Financial Services introduced last month. This one-stop-shop is a 360° modular consulting concept for fleet managers. This ranges from fleet analysis and the choice of suitable vehicles and dashboards to tailor-made financing and leasing offers, including charging infrastructure and load management. The modules can be selected individually or combined as required. A Key Account Manager serves as a gateway to experts and partners in the fields of consulting, fleet services and logistics, financial services or electric vehicles.

The objective of the loan and the EaaS is to facilitate the transition and the transition of companies to an electrified fleet.

Image source: Volkswagen

Michael J. Birnbaum