Alto Eliminates Monthly Fees For CryptoIRA Clients, Expanding The Accessibility Of Alternative Asset Investments Via IRAs

Eliminating Account Fees is Alto’s Latest Initiative to Transform the Industry and Make Tax-Saving Crypto Investments More Accessible to Everyone

NASHVILLE, Tennessee., October 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Alto Solutions, Inc. (Alto), the next-generation self-directed IRA platform that makes it easier to invest in alternative assets using retirement funds, today announced that it will remove monthly account fees for all CryptoIRA accounts. This change allows everyday investors to diversify their IRAs by investing in cryptocurrency with Alto’s user-friendly platform.

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Alto CryptoIRA® Connects seamlessly to Coinbase to support over 80 cryptocurrencies – one of the largest coin selections of all crypto IRAs – where users can buy, sell and trade using their retirement savings . Alto is the only IRA provider integrated with the Coinbase exchange, and it allows 24/7 real-time trading on the platform with no LLC required. Designed for ease of use, an Alto CryptoIRA account takes just a few minutes to set up and offers a simple pricing structure with no minimum or recurring account fees.

“Our goal is to provide the tools and opportunities for everyday investors to create their own financial futures,” said Eric Satz, founder and CEO of Alto. “We are committed to making crypto investing through your IRA easier and simpler. This means the setup process takes minutes instead of days, keeps the trading experience on our platform rather than doing back and forth between trades, and now removing monthly account fees for all CryptoIRA accounts. All of this is aimed at making investing in alternative assets more accessible. “

Alto CryptoIRA accounts only require a 1.5% processing transaction fee, which is a combined fee for the Alto and Coinbase platforms. Additional updates to the Alto CryptoIRA platform include improved buy and sell screens for desktop and mobile users, easier ways to search for available cryptocurrencies, simpler conversions with toggles between USD and currency units, and a free, personalized customer service experience with the Alto team concierge to get started.

“For far too long, alternatives such as cryptocurrency have been shrouded in complexity and kept away from ordinary investors,” Satz continued. “We are changing that at Alto. When it comes to cryptocurrency in particular, we offer some of the lowest and most transparent minimum fees and investments of any crypto IRA – not to mention one of the largest coin selections – and stick with it. transparency, ease of use and straightforward pricing for everyone to enjoy. “

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About Alto

Viola is a NashvilleA fintech company that launched its next-generation self-directed IRA platform in 2018 to make it easy for individuals to access and invest in alternative assets using their retirement funds. The first of its kind, Alto’s platform streamlines the process for investors, investment finance portals and investment sponsors. Current Alto investment partners include DiversyFund, Fundr, Masterworks, Republic and Vint, as well as financial advisers, fund sponsors and other direct issuers. Alto is not a registered dealer or investment advisor.

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